National Service Scheme (NSS)

National Service Scheme (NSS) has been introduced since 1988 as a part of the extra-curricular activity and since then NSS has been functioning as regular feature in our college. The overall objective of the scheme is educational & services to community. It provides vast scope for the student interaction with people and society at large. While introducing with the community the students learn many things which they can learn from theory classes and thus the scheme is aimed at developing the student’s personality and development. Such way as to fit into the society to which he/she belongs.

Mr. Pushkar D. Padekar
NSS Program Officer
District Coordination (Nashik – C)
District Nodal Officer
(NSS COVID Warriors)

Major activities undertaken NSS over the year:

  • Overall Sustainable Rural Development
  • Tree plantation programme
  • Literacy programme.
  • Campaign against AIDS.
  • Cleaning awareness camp.
  • 07 days special camp.
Website Data 2-5264       Cleaning Awareness Rally Website Data 2-5267Flag Hosting – 15th August
Website Data 2-5328Environmental Awareness Camp
G. E. Society’s Arts & Commerce College, Jawhar
Website Data 2-5331Tree Plantation in College campus: Sponsored by
Mahindra & Mahindra Co., Satpur
Website Data 2-5498Poster Presentation on the theme of “My Nation: India” Website Data 2-5501Cleaning Campaign at Adopted Village during special Camp
Website Data 2-5622Voluntary Classes in schools at Adopted Village Website Data 2-5625Blood donation Camp