There are umpteen number of recreational & sports facilities accessible to our college student on the campus. The spacious H.A.L. stadium for outdoor events , the community hall for indoor events , the swimming pool at the club are being permitted by H.A.L. authorities for the use of our college sports enthusiasts. College gymkhana has been organizing intercollegiate CRICKET, FOOTBALL, VOLLEYBALL matches of Nashik district. Every year gymkhana organizes 6 team events, 10 athletics events and 3 indoor game events.

We have a student on roll who is Gold Medal awarded at National Level Gymnastics. He is also preparing for International participation.

Website Data 2-4049Inauguration of Inter-Collegiate Volleyball Tournament at the hands of Shri Chelapati, Group Captain (Test Pilot) – H.A.L., Nashik Division



Sl. No. Name Sport Event and Place Year of Achievement
01 Arya Raj I.K. Gold Medal, Inter University & State Level Rowing Competition, Jharkhand 2010-11
02 Ritesh Gangurde University- Chess, Group selection 2012-13
03 Purushottam Aher Zone & University- Table Tennis, Zone selection 2017-18
04 Shreyas Jadhav Gold Medalist and National Level Gymnast Preparing for Internationals.

Sports Events

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