Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com.)

The Bachelor of Commerce programme of University of Pune prepares the candidates to work in the area of Accountancy, Finance, Insurance, Banking, Administration, Management and related fields. The course is designed to reflect the changing world of commerce and provides a strong foundation for the world of business. It provides necessary academic subjects, consideration of ethical principles and general studies that influence decision making in a business environment. In second year , candidates have to choose specialization in one of the following disciplines: Business Administration, Banking & Finance, Cost & Works Accounting, Business Entrepreneurship.

Duration: The duration of the Program shall be three years.

Eligibility: In order to be eligible for admission to Bachelor of Commerce a candidate must have passed the Higher Secondary School Certificate Examination of the Maharashtra State Board of Higher Secondary Education or an equivalent examination of any other statutory Board or University with English as a passing subject.

Scheme of Examination:
1. The examination will be of 1900 marks divded into 3 parts as per details given below .
a) F.Y.B.Com. aggregate marks 700
b) S.Y.B.Com. and T.Y.B.Com aggregate 600 marks each .
2. Examination will be as per 80-20 pattern
80 marks : university exam
20 marks : Internal examination
3. There will be practical examinations for the F.Y.B.Com for the subjects Financial accounting and viva voce for Functional English . There will be Practical examination for the special subject at S.Y.B.Com & T.Y.B.Com level. There will be practical for the S.Y.B.Com level compulsory subject Business communication and for T.Y.B.Com Auditing & Taxation .

The Standard of Passing and Award of Class:
In order to pass examination a candidate has to obtain 40% marks out of 100 (Annual exam 80 + College exam marks 20 taken together) in each course. The candidate will be allowed to keep term (A.T.K.T) if fail in maximum 3 theory papers . the candidate will be allowed to admit to 3rd year if he/she clear all the papers of first year .

The award of class will be as follows:
Aggregate Percentage of Marks & Class
40 and above : Pass
50 & above – Less than 55 : Pass with II class
55 & above – Less than 60 : Pass with Higher II class
60 & Above – Less than 70 : Pass with I class
70 & Above : Pass with I class with distinction